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Here you will find answers to most questions you may have about our photo to canvas service, if you cannot find the answer your looking for, then feel free to use our contact page and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.
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Q, Do you use any other canvas types such as glossy or other poly cotton ? A, No we only use Lyve canvas, this is a 450gsm matte poly-cotton inkjet OBA-Free      canvas. Q, Do you use any other type of finish than “timeless” ? A, No we only use “timeless”. Q, Can you send a canvas print without a varnish finish ? A, No we use a varnish finish on all our products as we feel your treasured print should      last as long as possible and look like new for as long as possible, our motto is -:      “A non finished product is an unfinished product”. Q, How do I clean my canvas print ? A, To maintain your canvas just gently vacuum using a soft nozzle to remove any dust. Q, Are the colours on screen in a digital photo replicated exactly on canvas? A, We use colour match software/hardware to replicate the colours of your photograph as      near as possible, but due to the varying quality of computer screens, you may notice      minor variations in colour in your canvas print. Q, What size stretcher bars do you use ? A, All our bars are 38mm (Depth) Q, Why 5-7 Days for delivery ? A, We take our time to view your image and check all is as near perfect before we print,      and due to the nature of the finish we allow 24hrs for the finish to dry before we wrap      and package your print, 5-7 days is just a guideline and will usually be quicker. Q, Will I have to sign for my canvas print ? A, Yes, but we ask you to inspect it closely, please when signing, if package is damaged      sign and add “damaged” to the form, If all appears well, sign and add “contents not      checked”, we may not be able to offer assistance if you do not do so.
Q, What is your refund and return policy ? A, In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault with your canvas, please advise us      within 24 hours of receipt so we can log your complaint. You will need to return the      canvas to us via a recorded delivery service,      so it can be assessed. Due to the custom nature of the product we regret      we are unable to give refunds. In the unlikely event of manufacturing fault, it will be      repaired or reprinted. Q, What file type and size do you support ? A, We support *.jpg *.jpeg *.png *.tif and *.tiff, we have a maximum file size of 100mb. Q, Do I need copyright permission ? A, Not if the photo is of your own making, but if the image was taken by someone else      i.e. a professional photographer, or downloaded from the internet, then yes you will      need the owners permission. Q, How do I know what size canvas to choose ? A, This depends on a few factors, but the short version is, the higher the resolution the      more likely you can choose a larger canvas, but feel free to upload your image select      your canvas size and we’ll do the rest, and if you have chosen unwisely then we’ll be      in touch, or you can email us via the link on the contacts page and attach your photo      file, and we will advise you on the maximum print size. Q, Are there any postcodes that you do not deliver to A, We currently deliver to most UK postcodes, if you are unsure then please contact us      with your postcode and we will check this for you. Q, Fonts are not displayed correctly like this > A, You can click the following link and select open then click install or click and download to install later, right click file and select install, then any site using this font will display properly, some browsers will automaticaly download and install fonts.
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Our 3rd image on this page (the girl in the mirror) was sent in by G. Bartlett and was our August 2014 free to enter prize draw winner. The pinky colour of the title bar etc was taken from this image.