panoramic 3 way split scene
If you would like a split scene canvas here’s what you’ll need to do. 1, go to shop menu above and select “Place an order”, Then in the drop down box below information text on the “place an order” page select format type (square, landscape, portrait or panoramic split scene) Landscape / Portrait is loaded by default. 2, Select your overall canvas size, i.e 40”x60” and then select the amount of splits you would like using the “number of splits” box. The 3 piece panoramic split scene left of this information has already been printed by Beautiful Canvas at 3x20”x30” canvases giving a total canvas size of 20”x90”, this is a custom size.
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Beautiful Canvas photo to canvas split scene information.

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Custom size canvas printing is available with

the shortest side being 40” max, please use the

contact page to request a custom size canvas

print, please send your image so we may check

your request and for more information.

High quality canvas prints from Beautiful

Canvas, we use the best products available on

the market today, 450gsm canvas and timeless

varnish finish on all our prints, timeless is a

museum grade varnish.

The images on this page should give you a

good idea as to how a split scene will look, now

please go to the shop/place an order

(submenu) to place your order.

We now Deliver direct within 20 miles of

Fareham central to help out those who can’t be

in to take deliveries during the day due to work,

school runs etc, etc, we deliver direct on a

Tuesday and Saturday evening between 7pm-


Square split scenes are available in a 2 or 4 way split. Landscape and Portrait split scenes are available in 2, 3 and 4 way splits. Panoramic split scenes are available in 2 and 3 way splits. Thank you for viewing our website.
2 way portrait split scene 3 way portrait split scene 4 way portrait split scene
The images above are shown in a 2 way, 3 way and 4 way split scene in Portrait format.
2 way landscape split scene 3 way landscape split scene 4 way landscape split scene
The images above are shown in a 2 way, 3 way and 4 way split scene in Landscape format.
3 way panoramic split scene
The image above is shown in a 3 way split scene in Panoramic format.
4 way square split scene
This is a 4 way split scene in Square format.

Photo to Canvas Printing

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panoramic 3 way split scene